An email was sent to AVA and East Coast Town Council from an angry resident there named Daniel. He is pressing for the culling of the stray cats at and around Blk 422 in Bedok:

Daniel –;
08-06-10 04:54 PM



RE: Cat Problem

The cats are a nuisance and they fight and call and create a lot of ruckus in the middle of the night. If you people will not act in removing or relocating these animals then I will take it upon myself to remove them and it would not be pretty. I suggest you inform the menace that are feeding these cats to relocate these noisy animals or I will do so.

Anyone who knows cat caregivers in this area do spread the word to them.

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  • I think he is exaggerating! These cats do not "behave badly" often….it's only natural. And how could he call someone who is kind enough to part some of his money to buy cat food and make some time to feed these poor adorable helpless
    animals "the menace"?? Don't you agree that this human named Daniel is one mean selfish thoughtless being himself….Sarah

  • Oh Cum on DaNiel…Cats Living Thing Too..They Cant talk What…
    They Dun Fight All Nite Long!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We often Hear Couple Or Family Quarelling & D whole Blk Can Hear…
    So should We Take Action Aswell…Its Not Gonna B A Pretty Sight Tooo Hugh!!!
    Wat About Pple Who Have Dogs IndooR….
    Leave Them Alone…..U R Such A Selfish Human Being!!!!
    Can U Imagine In Ur Next Life U Happen To B A Cat..& Theres This Daniel In D Pic….????
    Jus Leave Them Alone…..MeN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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