Helga has arrived at our foster home and is looking for a new forever family!

Helga is a beautiful, neutered 5 year old tortoiseshell Persian, who was passed along like furniture to Aswat because the owner had to move house. We wonder why Helga can’t be moved together with the family to their new place, and so it is our hope that we find a far better owner for this lovely girl. Aswat groomed her fur, clipping away the matted areas – but not perfectly owing to his partial blindness – and she is healthy. She is a girl who likes head scratches and is friendly towards other cats, with a cute low-toned meow when she tries to communicate with us.

We will share more about this girl’s personality as we get to know her. Our cats are now visiting her at her pen and getting to know her, with hisses from either parties for now of course, and in time I reckon she will get comfortable with their presence and can share their toilet and feeding station eventually so she can roam around un-penned.

Update: More pictures of Helga!

We added a second tier to her pen so she could have more privacy by sleeping on a fleece blanket below it, and climb atop to feed and drink. She drinks enough water, eliminates just fine and enjoys her dry food with canned food. She is skinny and therefore needs some fattening up, so will be feeding her more often with Nutripe – she likes the beef flavour! – and Addiction Salmon Bleu kibbles donated by the Ang family. She is a lounge cat indeed, really enjoying snoozing on her fleece blanket and just watching the world go by, occasionally meowing and purring at us. For now she still hasn’t made friends with our own three cats but she is not violent nor aggressive towards them, she is a gentle girl at heart. She enjoys exploring the different parts of our house when we let her out of the pen supervised, she also enjoys being carried.

She is now staying with us and she can be visited at our place, call Elaine at 90880675 or Andy at 81277072 to arrange for a visit.

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