helga is doing better

Helga has been taking to her Royal Canin Renal Diet and I try to give her at least 3 meals a day to help her put on some weight. Her diarrhoea seems to have abated too. Andy has been cleaning her ears twice daily and her ear infection seems to be improving.

Unfortunately we can’t let her free-roam our house because she can’t eat our cats’ food – normal cat food not suitable for cats with renal failure – which she nearly went for wholeheartedly when we let her take a walk outside the pen.

So we try to make her as comfortable as possible.

She initially kept pooping on her fleece blanket but since her diarrhoea has stopped, I returned her the freshly laundered fleece blanket, folded into a stack like a pillow to put alongside the other pillow she has in the pen. She is now snoozing happily on the pillows as I type this.

She really likes the wet Royal Canin Renal food, which is 12 pouches for $38.55, and she is eating at a rate of about three quarters of a packet a day. Her next appointment will be booked for the first week of July, but I will have to top up her wet food sooner than that.

As of now we have $322.75 in our Love Kuching veterinary fund which is primarily for Helga’s treatment, enough for the next visit and for top up of her food. Thank you donors! Do keep your support coming, it encourages us to know that so many of you care for this abandoned kitty that will likely remain in Love Kuching Project’s care till the day she goes.

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