helga’s next appointment

I have booked Helga‘s next follow-up appointment with Dr Hsu for 5 July, Monday, at 11.30 a.m.

Helga’s diarrhoea has completely cleared and I have stopped her loperamide medication after seeing that she no longer has runny poo. I was so happy to see nice firm poo, in the litter box (and not on her blanket as she did on when she was having diarrhoea).

We have been giving her time to walk around outside her pen but within the living room only, because she will head towards the kitchen and eat our cats’ food otherwise. Yesterday she went to our cat condo and sat inside the igloo, enjoying herself, after Andy cleaned her ears.

She is still having her ear infection but it is improving, less debris build-up now. Revolution will definitely help her further, which The Water Dish is donating us this month.

We have also been grooming her as often we can to keep her coat healthy. She hardly grooms herself, and does not have the habit of stropping her claws, so we check to see if her nails need trimming every now and then, because her nails were so overgrown when she was first abandoned

A big thank-you again to all you cat-angels who donated towards our veterinary fund for Helga’s treatments. We know that many of you who have read about Helga’s case, being abandoned and then diagnosed with chronic renal failure, want to visit her. You can visit her on the same day that she will be going for her vet appointment on 5 July, Monday, meeting me at the clinic at her appointment time 11.30 a.m, or the same evening at our foster home for Love Kuching cats in Ubi. Text me at 90880675 to let us know if you want to visit on 5 July.

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