Joo Chiat Complex stray cat neutering – round 2

Tonight we went back to Joo Chiat Complex and released the 8 cats trapped for neutering on Saturday 5 June. For tonight we also bought some fried chicken wing to use as bait because some of the cats eluded the Fussie Cat seafood platter in the traps on Saturday.

We then set about to trap the remaining cats, and managed to trap 9 cats for neutering.

Damy also helped us trap one kitten that we could bring back to our foster home to rehabilitate and make available for adoption. There were other kittens but two of them were hiding atop an awning of a shop and were inaccessible. The kitten is now resting in our kitten pen and is inevitably still stressed about the new environment. Will blog more about him tomorrow after we take more pictures, he is an approximately 8 week old classic tabby kitten – but here he is –

There are also other mature cats for neutering that we did not trap tonight – those that were either sick or nursing. We will probably have to schedule for a round 3 at Joo Chiat Complex when the sick have recovered and the mother cats stop nursing, possibly in a month’s time or so. Do visit our blog to find out when we will be going again.

We will use any funds that may remain out of the $970 we have set aside for Joo Chiat Complex’s stray cat population to fund the third round of neutering (thank you donors!). The bill for 5 June’s neutering and trapping cost a total of $385 (the receipt is with Melissa who will be claiming CWS reimbursement for Love Kuching Project, funds of which will either help the remaining cats to neuter in round 3 at Joo Chiat Complex or towards our veterinary fund primarily for Helga. Will upload the receipt on our blog together when I get the copy from her because she needs the original copy for claims). We will find out how much round 2 costs when Damy bills us on Wednesday.

And here are the 9 cats that were trapped tonight –

As usual, the feeders were very cooperative, had not fed the cats their dinners so we could trap them more easily – plus they have to fast for their operations – and informed us which female cat was nursing the small kittens. We passed them some of our remaining Fussie Cat canned food which they could feed the cats with.

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