Here are more pictures of Macky-boy!

Mack is a really affectionate boy who enjoys cuddles – his favourite cuddle-stance is being carried in the front of my shirt folded up, like a joey in a kangaroo’s pocket. He enjoys snuggling into pillows and blankets, and gets along well with other cats. His fur is quite thick, double-coated, possibly cross-British-Shorthair like our Slinky, and Ah Orh. He has white eyeliner, white toe-socks, a long tail and has beautiful mackeral tabby markings.

He has improved in his appetite and learning to eat – he is now lapping a mix of Nutripe Ocean Fish, KMR milk formula and Solid Gold Indigo Moon kibbles moistened within. He is not a greedy cat, and unlike other kittens his age (6 weeks old) he eats in a very dignified and posh manner, not getting food everywhere.

Mack is ready for adoption! If you would like to visit and adopt Mack, do contact us (see right side bar for more information).

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