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As we prepare for the neutering that we will be carrying out for the street cats at Joo Chiat Complex, we had visited the place a few times before the actual trapping-and-neutering tomorrow 5 June.

Initially, we counted 8 cats that needed neutering there. But on our reconnaissance there yesterday we realise it is more than 8. So we called Damy and told him that the cat-count is more than we initially communicated to him. We will therefore need to trap-and-neuter over two days this weekend, Saturday, and Sunday.

We counted again tonight on our feeding excursion there, and there are 7 more cats to add to the cat-count, as you can count here –

Not all the red cats are male, one of the two classic tabby red cats is female, and the tortoiseshell is female too of course. If we are unable to raise enough funds for all these 15 cats we will be capping this weekend’s neutering at S$850 based on funds raised (thank you donors!). Because most of the female cats will likely be on heat or mildly pregnant there, we may or may not have enough to do all 15 including trapping, transporting and boarding costs, we may have to skip one or two of the cats if there are much more female cats than male cats.

There are also some kittens there, one of them Akira, a lilac mackeral tabby male kitten, one-month-old, who was rescued last night and now staying and volunteer fosterer Melissa‘s (our partner volunteer) house. Akira will be moving to mine and Andy’s house for adoption where he can be visited, when he has recovered from his conjunctivitis. The other kittens there are slightly older, about 6-8 weeks old, and if we can rescue any of them to re-home, we will, so as to complete the stray cat management cycle at Joo Chiat Complex’s back lanes.

Do keep visiting our blog for more updates on our sterilisation and rescue work at Joo Chiat Complex!

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