Much has been expounded upon by naysayers that it would be the worst fate to ‘die alone surrounded by your cats’.

While pets are no substitute for human relationships – pets and children are considered transitory objects in psychology, meaning they help us learn to deal with humans, and we grow as the relationship grows with the pet/child – human beings who love pets are actually seen to be compassionate and it adds to the human’s attractiveness quotient more than it reduces it.

Compassion is a very important value to most human beings and owning a pet and loving animals, be it cats or otherwise, you unwittingly show off that you are a compassionate person. That makes you an attractive human being!

Biology also dictates that humans that are good with animals and are able to clean up poop and such, will make good parents and thus suitable mates.

So being single and owning cats? It makes you much more attractive as a mate, really!

I myself fell in love with Andy when I saw him pick up Slinky for the first time. Slinky doesn’t like hugs. Andy had never hugged a cat before. It was unprompted and my attention had been diverted somewhere else. I have a friend who fell in love with his first love when he saw her pet a stray dog.

I present to you two exhibits – photos I took of one of our volunteer photographers, Aznie, and one I took of Andy –

Aznie cuddling Sam, now adopted and known as Lenny

Andy cuddling Paddy, from a previous post ‘Paddy goes to his new home

Don’t they both look gorgeous with a kitty in tow? I rest my case.

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