porridge has been adopted!

Porridge seemed to know she was going to her new forever home tonight – before Charity came for the adoption visit, Porridge came and nose-kissed both me and Andy goodbye.

Charity arrived and she started bonding with Porridge on first sight. Charity lives with her parents and brother and all are on board with the decision to get a second cat to accompany their first, now 4 months old male cat. Charity’s mom specifically wanted a short-tailed cat, and Porridge fits the bill exactly!

Porridge will be going to James Tan’s veterinary clinic for booster shots, deworming and eventually her sterilisation when she is six months old.

Here are pictures of Charity cuddling Porridge before they went home to Taman Serasi.

We are so happy for Porridge! We look forward to updates of Porridge-girl from her new owner soon!

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