porridge is doing well

Her eye is less red from her cat flu’ now, but she still sneezes every now and then, but no thick ocular or nasal discharge which is a good sign towards recovery. Here she is eating a meal of Nutripe Beef to which I add vitamins for immunity, and Addiction Salmon Bleu.

Porridge is a really sweet girl, so easy-going. Does her litter in the pan as she should, meows quietly, purrs when you are near her, enjoys climbing up and down the pen and in and out the hammock, and cuddles and hugs! She isn’t fussy with food, and is fine if left alone, which is a good thing because we have to quarantine her in the pen due to her flu’ in case we have young kitty visitors or fosters – her pen area is disinfected regularly.

Hope she gets better soon! She deserves a good home, she will make a really lovely cat companion for a deserving human.

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