sam and helga have been adopted!

Zoukie’s adopter from last year, contacted us again when he saw Sam and Helga for adoption. Zoukie, now named Leo, came along to visit Helga and Sam today, and his human-daddy (also named Sam!) decided he would adopt both of them, as you can see from this happy picture.

It was a really enjoyable visit because we got to see Leo and hear about how he was doing. Leo had peed in the car on the way over to our place, so Andy gave Leo a shower and blow-dry, and thereafter Leo spat and hissed all the way because he felt so unglamorous in front of his two new siblings.

Sam and Helga joins Leo, and two other cats Lara and Luna, in a nice big home in Dover where Helga and Sam will have their own room for now till they integrate with the rest. Leo seemed pleased in his own bad-ass attitude way that he was to have new companions, as Lara and Luna are sisters and haven’t really been much kitty-companionship for Leo because they pretty much stick to themselves. Sam and Helga will be going to the vet for check-ups – their vet will be Animal Recovery Centre at Simei.

We are happy for this family of now-five cats! 

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  • Awwwwwww! So sweet! Anyway marmalade is now fat, happy and healthy! We are going to de-worm him probably tomorrow! He is really getting along with my other to cats! But I am so happy for Sam and Helga!!!!

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