sam becomes our free-roaming foster kitten

We introduced Sam to our house beyond his pen for a full day and night and he has been doing okay. His diarrhoea and stress has abated, hence we decided to let him run together with our own cats. He has made friends with our cat Scooter, who himself loves kittens, and Sam is now making himself at home on our bed and sofa.

We are also training him basic domestic cat house rules, like not climbing on tables and countertops, not getting into our human things, not playing with wires, not climbing windows. He enjoys playing with actual cat-toys and our cat condo, so we lead him to those instead. So far he has been trying his best to be a good boy! However, perhaps he doesn’t want to share our cats’ litter boxes, so he had an ‘accident’ outside the box, on a floor towel near our cats’ kitchen litter box. He has access to his own, so we are a bit puzzled as to why he did that. Will need to get ourselves our Feliway soon, perhaps later today, to prevent more accidents as such – Feliway prevents urine- and defecation-marking around the house and reduces stress levels that leads a cat to do so. Have disinfected the areas he did his ‘accidents’ and am laundering the floor towel now, after Andy placed the same soiled towel in the litter box to show Sam where his pee should have gone. He needs to be a good boy to get adopted!

He is wearing a collar – we have two designated for Love Kuching’s cats that free-roam our house – so we can find him easily to check on him. Also if he knocks something of ours over, I can hear that he is the culprit from the unique sound of each cat’s bell, and train him not to do so again.

By tonight we will be using his pen for another kitten, will blog more about her later when she arrives. Will keep training Sam!

If you are keen to adopt this lovable boy, do contact us: Elaine at 90880675 or Andy at 81277072 to arrange a visit and play-session with him at our foster home in Ubi.

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