serval, still stressed and feral

Although Serval is doing better now, eating more and drinking water, doing his toilet in the litter tray, he is still fierce, kind of like a pai-kia who lashes out at us even when we are serving him his meals. We are intending to buy Bach’s Rescue Remedy to add to his water to help calm him down further – once I find out where we can buy it (not online, our bank account has no credit/debit card facility). We are also hoping to get the Feliway spray to make his pen feel more at home for him, so far the diffuser hasn’t calmed him down totally though he is the nearest to it, but I reckon his stress would definitely be worse without it. He scratches me and Andy whenever we enter his pen to give him food, water or to clean his litter tray. I have the weirdest cat-scratch ever from Serval – under my fingernail.

But we are optimistic about Serval eventually getting to know us and become tame. Give or take a week. He has already started meowing for attention, and when I put his food, he merely hisses sometimes instead of attacking.

He is currently on a diet of Nutripe Ocean Fish and Solid Gold Indigo Moon, all bought at charity rates from our sponsor The Water Dish. We feed him Fussie Cat as well because the smell would stimulate him to eat. I add vitamins to boost his appetite and to help him with his teary eye. I also add Pet Ease to his food though it hasn’t worked that well on him, nor does catnip. We do need to be able to hold him soon, to give him deworming, clean his eye that sometimes gets teary,-

and to shower and de-flea him. Will report more when we get Rescue Remedy and the Feliway spray and get us to that stage of contact with him.

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  • Checked out both these stores. Unfortunately they don't carry the alcohol-free version for pets. Cats cannot metabolise alcohol. Will be buying a different brand of Bach Rescue Remedy available at Pet Lovers Centre. Thanks for the thought and contribution!

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