the heart of the matter

When Andy and I started a simple cat blog in early 2009, it was simply because we love cats and we enjoy spending time with stray cats and rescuing them when needed. Loving the animals in our lives and neighbourhood – I said before that this will never change, because it is the very essence of why we at Love Kuching Project will continue to do what we do.

Enjoying our cats and what we do for them and their street-siblings is very much a part of our lives. One could say that cats are our hobby. We enjoy their companionship, enjoy shopping for their needs, caring for them, and talking to the stray cats we meet. Like any hobby, we spend our own spare cash to indulge in this hobby, that of owning and rescuing cats. We each have our own personal hobbies as well but this is one of the hobbies we spend time on together.

By and by our hobby became an animal welfare group coined by the press, and we started to get  requests from the public on how they could donate and help, and more requests to rescue, and adopt, cats. Sponsors started coming forth, from private patrons to corporate sponsors. We became an adopted charity by our kind corporate sponsor The Water Dish.

Yet for Andy and I we still find that cats are our hobby, not work nor a chore. We enjoy doing things like decorating our boarding pens, feeding milk to orphaned kittens, taking pictures of them and sharing their stories to the world. It is probably true that ultimately passion is the heart of the matter.

We are at heart an organic group, one that evolves from our nucleus which is our hobby, our passion, for cats. where we live, in Kampung Ubi, sociologically an organic community as well, hanging out and gathering for one another’s common interests is very much a regular activity for our residents.

At Love Kuching Project, for the cats, we don’t have meetings, we have gatherings. We don’t have tasks, we believe in the gotong royong style of helping one another out with things that need to be done. We don’t operate like an office, we operate like a commune. At the heart of the matter, it is about community and love. We hope you get the same vibe when you visit us!

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