TNRM at Joo Chiat Complex –

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We completed two rounds of trapping of the stray cats at Joo Chiat Complex on 5th and 7th June. Tonight, the 9 cats that were trapped for neutering on 7th June were released back to their territory there. All are well and Melissa will be checking on them regularly as will the feeders, completing the TNRM cycle.

Our total sterilisation expense for this TNRM project at Joo Chiat Complex thus far totals to $875. This means we have $95 left over from the $970 we raised and set aside for neutering this stray cat population at Joo Chiat Complex. There are about 8 more cats some of whom are not ready for neutering yet. We will do the remaining cats on a smaller scale, using this $95 remaining. Thank you to all who donated towards the Joo Chiat Complex stray cats’ sterilisations! Here are the copies of our expense receipts –

We are also claiming CWS reimbursements for the sterilisations done at Joo Chiat Complex so we can have funds to further the work here albeit on a small scale from now on- we need to wait for the nursing mother to finish lactating, the very pregnant to give birth, the sick to get well, which will be at varying times. We will report on our blog once we get the reimbursements, so you know how far your donation dollars are going! We are also hoping to use some of the funds reimbursed to fund Helga’s treatment – thank you all who have donated thus far by the way! – whichever is more pressing at the time the reimbursements come to us.

Thank you to all for your support, encouragement and generosity for this TNRM project at Joo Chiat Complex!

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