visit to Joo Chiat Complex’s stray cats post-neutering

We brought our TKGS volunteers to visit the site at Joo Chiat Complex where we conducted two rounds of neutering for the strays there earlier this month. The cats look well!

The females seem to be healing nicely. We also passed some cat food along to the cat-feeder.

This was the sick kitty that Melissa had been medicating, we could not neuter him then because he had the flu’. He is now a-okay! Very friendly too, our volunteers could stroke him –

This little kitten eluded us because he was hiding on the top of roofs above the coffeeshops when we last visited, else we would have brought him back to re-home –

His mother was still nursing then too, hence we were unable to neuter his mom, because if we release her post-surgery and with antibiotics in her system it wouldn’t do good to have a kitten rushing to suckle his mother.

We will be doing the remaining cats on a smaller scale as most of the remaining ones are friendly, we can take them to the vets ourselves. It’s so great to see so many tipped-eared community cats! Thank you all once again for contributing to our TNRM efforts at Joo Chiat Complex. More TNRM efforts incoming soon!

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