Adopt: King, Lavender and Georgie

King, Lavender and Georgie, rescued from Lavender last Thursday stricken with cat flu’, rehabilitated on medication and vitamins, now recovered and ready for adoption! All three siblings are white with patches of tabby and have long tails. All were dewormed yesterday and completed their course of antibiotics on Monday.

King suffered from his bout of cat flu’ the most when we rescued him. He is white with patches of tabby and has a partially brown nose-leather. He still swears like a fishwife at us but actually enjoys being stroked and cooed to.

Lavender is sweet-natured and playful, gets along well with both her brothers and other cats. She has pink nose-leather and a long tabby tail. She enjoys playing, climbing and talks to herself when she eats her canned food.

Georgie is a really sweet, gentle boy who likes to watch the world go by, and plays along when Lavender bats at him for playtime. He enjoys lounging around, an excellent cat companion for one who wants to relax after a long day. He has brown nose-leather and a long tabby tail.

To visit and adopt King, Lavender and Georgie, contact Elaine at 90880675 or Andy at 81277072 to arrange a visit. Do see right side bar for more information on adopting from Love Kuching Project.

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