A list of items that we either constantly use or are in need, though not urgently, of, for our Love Kuching work.

  • Petstages Cozy Calming Mat for newborn orphaned kittens. Update: I learned how to make our own warmed pillows!
  • Peepads from Daiso, the small and medium sized ones. Update: One of our donors works in the hospital industry and can order us these pee pads in bulk! Thank you!
  • Dematting tool for Helga
  • Dettol and toilet-bleach-cleaner for cleaning floors, pens and litter boxes
  • Digital camera, because ours has ‘died’ Update: Meng and Rina are giving us their camera! Thank you!
  • Wetwipes for grooming kittens and wiping kitty messes. The cheapest best baby wipes we use are Kodomo Baby Wipes from Watsons – $1.95 each, buy 10 get 1 free. Update: Adelia is donating a cache of baby wipes tomorrow! Thank you!
  • Lavender essential oil, diffused to calm cats down in the lounge area where they board
  • Feliway diffuser refills, a monthly necessity

Do think of shopping for us when you hit the stores!

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