appeal for donations for sterilisation of Malay Village stray cats

Latest update: We have received a S$1,000 pledge from cat-angel Catherine and are able to conduct this TNRM project at Malay Village as planned. Thank you Catherine! Will update once dates are booked.

We are hoping to conduct a neutering exercise for the stray cat population of Malay Village in Geylang.

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Prior to our discovery of the largely un-neutered stray cat population in Malay Village, we had been hearing accounts of kittens born inside the village stricken with cat flu’. The kittens have been removed, whether re-homed or otherwise we do not know. The shop owners within the village are feeding the cats but are not sterilising them, hence the population of the stray cats in the village is growing. There are also cases of people dumping un-neutered cats within the village, adding to the population of entire cats. There is also a problem of irresponsible feeding where water bowls are breeding mosquitoes – on this count we have emailed the CWS Responsible Feeding brochures to the management to distribute to their tenants. Also, cats have been known to get into accidents within the village, for example being crushed by wooden crates. In order to solve the cat-related problems in Malay Village, TNRM needs to be carried out for the cat population as soon as possible as the ground zero effort to manage the stray cat population there.

We visited the village on two occasions to count the number of non-neutered cats, which added up to 17 cats that we hope to trap to neuter over two trips in end-July. However, we need your help to do this. Neutering a stray male cat costs a minimum of $25 and female $50-60. Transport and post-surgery boarding costs $70 per trip and $5 per cat respectively. Assuming an equal male-female cat ratio, we will need to raise $930.

Once we have secured enough funds to carry out a neutering exercise we will be booking a date with Damy to help us trap and transport the cats for neutering. We also be liaising with the Malay Village management who will be assisting us in this TNRM project. We are planning to carry this out in the end of July which means we have to raise the funds by then.

Currently none of the strays in Malay Village are heavily pregnant but if we plan for sterilisation in more than one month’s time it would be likely that kittens will be born in August. Some of the cats are already mating and given gestation of 2 months, August will be too late. Also, there are kittens that are coming into heat very soon, about 5-6 months of age at the moment. Hence end-July is the deadline that is most appropriate for this TNRM exercise.

After the TNRM exercise we will retain our open line of communication with the Malay Village management to help them further the education of their tenants towards responsible feeding, and to rescue and rehome any kittens that are born inside the village in future, in order to ensure their health and welfare.

If you would like to give towards the cats of Malay Village, you can donate directly to our Love Kuching bank account and SMS Elaine @ 90880675 specifying your donation is for the sterilisation of the Malay Village cats. No amount is too small and we appreciate your kindest generosity!

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