@AzmiraHAC Acidophilus – great for foster kittens!

Initially we purchased for Love Kuching at charity rates via @thewaterdish this acidophilus supplement for Helga, whose CRF condition also has symptoms of a poor digestive system – she sometimes has runny poo, but not anymore!

This supplement has been so useful, really. We fed it to King, Lavender and Georgie post-deworming since deworming usually causes diarrhoea after that. I also dosed them with loperamide which I usually need to for a few days before the diarrhoea abates. But combined with the Azmira Acidophilus, their diarrhoea cleared within a day!

On the package, it says give cats 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon a day, more if there is any medication being used at the same time, either mixed in food or water. It comes in powder form which means you can make it into gel capsules if you prefer pilling, and can be stored in the refrigerator.

This supplement is truly a must-have where young kittens are around – kittens are very prone to diarrhoea. We are so happy to have this supplement in our cache of kitty pharmaceuticals now! Giving the best to our foster cats is the goal of our Love Kuching foster home.

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