canned food for Love Kuching temporary change

At our Love Kuching foster home we have opted to feed Nutripe Chicken canned food because it fulfills our main criteria –

  1. It is a premium formula – we believe in feeding good quality food to our fosters
  2. Chicken is digestible for kittens and hypoallergenic
  3. It is priced the lowest among other premium brands

This is why if you would like to donate food to Love Kuching via our corporate sponsor The Water Dish the low donation prices only apply to Nutripe Chicken canned food.

However, at The Water Dish Nutripe Chicken is currently out of stock, and so are we, of canned food in our cache of food for our fosters, mainly Panda and Panther who are currently being weaned onto solid food being 3 weeks of age this week.

So, to alleviate the canned food crisis we are temporarily switching to Natural Balance Chicken formula so we can continue our weaning process for the P siblings.

This will elevate our boarding expenses a little – $0.45 more per can – because the cost price and thus the charity rates for Natural Balance offered by our sponsor are higher than for Nutripe.

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