King the good boy kitty needs a new home!

After King’s siblings got adopted King started to feel lonely. Albeit he was the most independent of all three, when we rescued him he was not found in the same spot as Lavender and Georgie were together. He is still hissy towards us, though not violent, and actually enjoyes being stroked and cuddled.

I found this out in the middle of the night as I picked King up to swaddle him in a makeshift cradle I made out of my blanket. He enjoyed the closeness and affection so much, knowing he was being cradled, he didn’t want to let go. And he even started purring. First time we hear him purr!

Here are more pictures of King, the handsome one, cradled in my sarong –

King is still waiting for a good home to go to. If you are interested in visiting King, do contact us Elaine 90880675 or Andy 81277072. Read more about adopting from us on the right side-bar.

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