kitty rescue at french road (lavender)

Tonight we went to Lavender with @thewaterdish folks to rescue some kittens and to arrange for the sterilisation of the mother cat, shown in the picture here. She is a white and caramel coloured cat who had given birth to 3 kittens outside a shop in Blk 809 French Road.

The kittens are stricken with cat flu’ and are now recuperating in our Love Kuching foster home, on Vibravet antibiotics and Terramycin for their teary eyes.

Behind: King, front: Lavender


All 3 siblings – 2 boys and 1 girl – are white with tabby patches. The girl, Lavender, has pink nose-leather, and her brown-nose-leathered brother George and her are very tame. King is a little bit more feral, though he submitted to being medicated, so he is probably just hissy from being sick.

We called Damy to go down to the rescue site to trap the mother cat for sterilisation and release back after. The shop keeper has been feeding her and her litter and he will keep an eye on the mom after her sterilisation. We will be paying for this cat’s sterilisation out of our Love Kuching funds.

The kittens will be available for adoption once they have recovered from their flu’. Do visit our blog often to get updates on their progress!

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