Lavender and brothers’ – flu’ and appetite getting better!

King, Georgie and Lavender have good appetites! They have so far eaten a whole can of Tiki Cat tuna and Solid Gold tuna, donated by @thewaterdish folks. I chose the tuna formulas because sick kitties need to eat more and thus they took to the food. They also relish the Solid Gold Indigo Moon kibbles we feed at Love Kuching.

Top: Lavender, bottom: Georgie

Their flu’ is already clearing up too. Their eyes are tearing less. Will continue their Vibravet antibiotics and Terramycin eye ointment till they fully recover. In the meanwhile, they are really enjoying living in the kitten pen, playing with the toys, hanging out on the different levels.

King sleeping on 2nd level of pen

Their poo is also nice and firm, probably no worms though we will deworm them regardless once they are off their antibiotics.

We will be letting them free-roam to socialise with our cats once they are recovered and gotten used to us. They are still a bit wary and hissy of all of us, even while Scooter tried to go make friends with them outside their pen – he loves kittens this age. So they will occupy the pen comfortably in the meanwhile. Once they recover, they will be available for adoption!

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