Lavender & Georgie have been adopted!

2 out of the rescued 3 from Lavender have been adopted today! Initially the adopters wanted to adopt only Lavender but found that she would be lonely without one of her brothers, so they adopted 2 of them.

Unfortunately we put the kittens in a cardboard box before we took their picture. But here are the sisters whose dad told them to adopt the kittens for the family.

The family is a first-time cat owning family, so we shared lots about where to buy wire-mesh for windows, vaccinations and deworming and how to feed them. After bringing the kittens home they are heading out to Vivo which is near where they live to buy their cat litter and food and other paraphernalia.

We are happy for Lavender and Georgie! We hope to hear from them again soon to find out how they are doing!

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