more vibravet for King, Lavender and Georgie

Today when we brought our Scooter to the vet, we stocked up our Love Kuching supply of Lysine+vitamins and Vibravet since all three kittens – Lavender, King and Georgie are on Vibravet antibiotics.

They are already doing better! We just showered them today, also checked for fleas and mites – all clear! We trimmed their nails too, and also applied their Terramycin eye ointment which they are on twice a day. Now they are happily eating Go Natural Salmon canned food donated by The Water Dish as our penance for putting them through bathing, ha.

They are still hissy, so bathing them wasn’t all that easy but Andy managed to get them clean all by himself. I have placed some rescue remedy in their water to calm them down and the Feliway refill we ordered for Love Kuching is on its way this afternoon. They will soon be relaxed and social enough for loads of cuddling!

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