Music for Cats CD – seed funding needed to purchase for fund-raising

Recall we wanted to sell Music for Cats CDs for fund-raising? We need to raise funds to purchase the CDs – the more we raise, the more we can save on shipping when we order more to sell through our blog.

We currently only have S$56.35 in our account for seed-funding, that is funds set aside specifically for publicity and fund-raising purposes. Other partition funds are earmarked for other purposes – boarding, veterinary and sterilisation. We need USD141 to bulk purchase 20 CDs to make available for sale to raise funds. As such we need to raise another S$137.67 to make a purchase.

If you would like to help us out in this fund-raising effort, do contribute directly to our bank account and SMS Elaine at 90880675 to inform us this is a seed-funding contribution. We will also send you a copy of the Music for Cats CD with free postage from us as gratitude from us – the CD retails for S$20.

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