neutering of Malay Village stray cats

We will be conducting the trapping for neutering on 15th July, Thursday and 17th July, Saturday, next week at 10 pm.

[Read more about the Malay Village stray cat population in this post].

To prepare for our trapping work on these nights, we have informed the management to keep the village gates open for us (they close the gates at 11pm nightly) and to inform their tenants who are feeding cats to assist us in not feeding the cats for these two days and to bring us any cats that may reside around their shop premises.

We will also be going on pre-trapping nightly feeding sessions likely on Tuesday and Wednesday armed with Fussie Cat to make friends with the resident strays of the village before the trappings.

If you would like to join us for our TNRM work next week do contact us. More help is welcome because the cats in Malay Village are very wily and like to hide under the pondoks and within debris.

Update: We have conducted the first round on Thursday and have re-scheduled the second round to be on Sunday 18th July at 8pm.

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