next TNRM project in August – pre-reconnaisance intelligence report

One of our blog readers Edmond, also the kind cat lover who assisted us in Mack‘s rescue, called us about a colony of cats he sighted – about 10 mature un-neutered cats and at least one kitten.

This is a construction site near the PIE where there are hoardings up in place, and the cats have access points out of the site to eat from apparent feeding stations set up by anonymous feeders. For a closer look at the site, visit this Google Map Link.

Edmond’s initial intelligence gathering at this sight counted 10 cats that need to be neutered. There is also the possibility of kitten rescue. The feeders come around 8ish to 10pm at night. So we will be carrying out our first reconnaissance there next Wednesday night at 8pm with Edmond who will show us where he spotted the cats.

The cats are all very wary of strangers so we will be armed with food to lure them out of the hoardings and toward their feeding points hopefully just before the anonymous feeders arrive so the cats will be hungry. We can then count again how many mature cats need to be neutered and confirm if the cat count is more or less than the inital 10 sighted. After doing so, we will be hoping to run into the feeders to communicate to them that we would like to raise funds and neuter this colony of cats.

Edmond is concerned about the cats’ safety being in a construction site – accidental deaths might occur. We are hoping to relocate some of the cats to other caregivers’ sites. Perhaps 2-3 at different locations. If you are a caregiver and is willing to take in these construction sites after they have been neutered, do contact me. You just need to make sure the new cats know where your feeding stations are and when is the feeding time. If we are unable to relocate the cats we will be returning them to the construction site after neutering.

We hope to carry this out in August. Assuming 10 cats, the funds we would need would be about $670. We have about $450 in our sterilisation fund, which means we need to raise at least another $200.

Do let us know if you can help – we would need conduct reconnaissance trips, feeding trips, cat-spotting help would come in handy too. If you are a caregiver than can take on 2-3 of these construction site cats into your community cat colony after they have been sterilised, do let us know too. If you wish to donate to our sterilisation effort for the Bendemeer Road construction site cats’ neutering, do donate to our bank account and SMS Elaine 90880675 to indicate that your donation is for this colony’s neutering.

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