our azmira kidni-biotic supplement arrived!

We ordered via @thewaterdish our Azmira supplement for Scooter and it arrived yesterday.

We wanted to get a urinary tract supplement for Scooter because he already had two bouts of urinary tract infection, a disease that male cats, neutered or not, are more prone to than female cats.

I chose Azmira Kidni-Biotic because it works well in preventing urinary tract diseases as well as works in tandem if the cat does need to be on antibiotics for UTI, or FLUTD/FUS (more serious cases of urinary tract diseases). Also, it is affordable, herbal i.e. all natural, and is known to work well given its long-standing good reputation in supplemental healthcare for pets.

Azmira Kidni-Biotic contains the following natural ingredients: Usnea Lichen, fresh Uva Ursi leaf, fresh Pipsissewa herb, fresh Echinacea Angustifolia and Purpurea roots, flowers and seeds.

It is administrated by dropper and one is instructed to shack before dispensing. They recommend that it should be fed undiluted, and if mixed in water or food to double the dose to increase assimilation. It should be used daily as preventative care for male cats, and cases of UTI or FLUTD 3 to 4 times a day. Store in refrigerator when not in use.

So I tried dripping it direct into Scooter’s unsuspecting mouth. Chaos ensued – foaming, spitting, running away. So that option of feeding direct is out. I tried mixing it into their water, but the colour changes,

and am now waiting to see if the cats will still drink their ‘discoloured’ water with the supplement within. But I doubt it. Hence, mixing it with it canned food may be the best option and will probably have to switch to that if the cats refuse to drink their ‘herbalised’ water.

At least now I will have a peace of mind that if Scooter were to fall ill with UTI again, I no longer have to rely on antibiotics yet again, which cleans good bacteria alongside the harmful. And with this as preventative cure, I know that Scooter as a male cat will be much less likely to get UTI or even FLUTD in future regardless. A good investment if you have a male cat!

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  • Yes we are now dosing Scooter with Kidni-Biotic instead of yet another round of antibiotics for his UTI. It is working well already, once we up his daily preventative dose, the frequent peeing slows down.

    We are also getting Azmira Acidophilus for a foster cat with chronic renal failure to aid in her digestion. It should be arriving tomorrow!

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