our next sterilisation project will be closer to home – in Ubi!

We are hoping to neuter the cats in the fringe area of Ubi’s residential estate, an area where there is no designated caregiver. We have neutered a cat from this area before, and she is one of the only few that are tipped-eared there.

We call this the Fringe Area of Zone 4 because it is on the outskirts of where feeders in Zone 4 feed and neuter. This fringe area of cats are fed by shops along the block so for food they are not in want. However, many have cat flu’ and most are not neutered. 

We will be going there often to do a cat count of how many yet to be sterilised, and also because there is a cat flu’ outbreak there, to feed medicines and vitamins to the cats there, otherwise they cannot be neutered if ill.

For funds, we will be using the CWS reimbursements and if not enough we will have to raise more – will report on how much we may need from you, our donors, if the cat count exceeds the budget.

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