panda and panther – day 0

Panda and Panther are doing well! Their appetites are increasing with each milk feeding and they are taking well to being hand-reared: learning to latch on and suckle.

After getting to know the siblings, we realise that Panther is one of the rare kind of black cats – totally black, with no white spots. He is bluish black and will definitely grow up to become very handsome and sport a glossy coat when well cared for. Panda is more dominant, always wanting to climb on top of her brother –

And they look adorable with their milk-moustaches too!

They are really healthy kittens, moving around a lot when awake, although as of now their bodies still feel a bit cool to the touch. I reckon we really should buy one of those microwaveable kitten blankets soon to substitute the warmth of a mother cat. At least they have each other, always cuddled in a heap yin-yang style. More on them when day breaks!

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