panda and panther – day 1

I missed my 8 a.m. alarm and thus Panther and Panda’s 8 a.m. feeding but the kittens didn’t wake up either until Andy roused them for their 10 a.m. feeding. And then at 12 p.m. they mewed for their 12 p.m. feeding – I used the opportunity to take more pictures of them!

They are getting used to being cuddled. Here is Panther snuggling into my sarong after his feeding.

And we know they are full when they fall asleep. Panda is so sweet when she sleeps, she looks like an air-con advertisment.

They haven’t pooed yet, but have peed already upon stimulation. And their bodies are getting warmer now – they were probably just cold yesterday after being apart from their mother. They are residing in a pee-pad lined carrier on top of Helga’s pen together with their towels which came with them last night. Kittens this young cannot regulate their body temperatures very well so they do tend to have such spates of coldness when not warm enough.

Will take more pictures of them throughout the day, watch our tweets.

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