questions often asked by luvkuching visitors

Q: How do you keep your house smelling so nice? I.e. no cat smell?

  • Scoop the litter trays often. Andy scoops twice a day for every one of the (four) litter boxes in the house
  • Clear the pee liner (if you are using the PeeWee system like us) twice a week
  • Use baking soda to line the litter tray liner, and sprinkle on the litter as well. Can also be used direct on poo to eliminate the smell immediately if you don’t scoop the minute they poo (like me, since scooping is Andy’s job)
  • Use home fragrances. We have a slew of home fragrances – essential oil burner, reed diffuser, fragrance dispensers, Dettol air fresheners, charcoal air fresheners (placed near or inside the pens in a spot the cats can’t reach, like the tray below or behind the litter box).

Q: How come your sofa is not scratched by the cats?

  • Provide scratching posts for your cats. We have a cat condo that the cats use. And the occasional cardboard box.
  • Train your cats not to scratch what is not meant to be scratching. A loud ‘No’, clapping, a flick on the nose or a spray of water will train them that scratching on furniture is not allowed.
  • Don’t let it become a habit before you try and train them otherwise. Once a cat scratches something, it becomes ‘theirs’ because they have left their scent on it. Getting them to not scratch that particular piece of furniture will be impossible after that. 

Q: How come we don’t feel like there is a lot of fur in the air / allergies flaring up?

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