Rudducks grooming powder

We received a gift from Ivy of a barely-used bottle of grooming powder that is absolutely superb.

Rudducks Grooming Powder is really great because it can be used even on kittens and puppies! I have just doused the P siblings with it, especially Panda because he is mostly white and therefore stained, and it can even be used on damp coats. Which speeds up the drying process after their frequent-but-necessary showers, therefore they won’t catch cold.

I also intend to use it on Helga for grooming her easily matted coat; am going to try it on her later tonight. 

It says on the bottle that it deodorises, that it is non-toxic, and has a high absorption of oils and moisture.

Which leaves the kittens clean, dry and fresh, and is great for long-haired coats to comb out mattes.

I also learned from Weiling of NUS Cat Cafe that if you wish to use normal baby powder on combing out mattes in fur, use cornstarch based powder instead as it does not contain talcum which is not healthy for animals when they groom themselves.

This is a great product! Will definitely be on the lookout for it – think we saw it at Little Paws at Telok Kurau – once we finish this big bottle of grooming powder and need a top up. Far better than what I have been using on Helga which is an anti-flea-and-tick powder, useless because she doesn’t have fleas having already been on Revolution.

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