For the Tampines cats rescued from abandonment and abuse by @CatWelfareSG

A total of 10 severely emaciated cats were found at Tampines. These were apparently dumped by a young man who has not been identified. As of 4th July, we managed to rescue 5 of the cats, and are currently housing them.

These cats were sent to the vet on 4th July, but are in such poor conditions at the moment that proper medical procedures cannot be done and will have to be postponed. They can’t hold food in at all, and therefore need to be given constant care 24/7. Their claws, teeth and skin are falling off and flaking away, all are anemic and expelling food, urine, poo and blood.

The youngest of the rescued cats. She has problems holding food down, even a little, and she would hurl violently after eating with blood in vomit. Weighs 1 kg.

How You Can Help:

We are urgently seeking funds to defray the medical expenses, boarding and food supplies for these cats. They will need a steady supply of food, medicine like Falkamin, as well as more vet visits and blood tests.

Based on our estimate and incurred expenses to date, we will require at least SGD3,500 to rehabilitate these cats. A breakdown of these expenses can be email to donors upon request.

Should you be able to assist, please send your donations to Fareena Mehr Omar at POSB Savings Account Number 186-07289-8.

Please also drop us an email at, with the subject heading EMACIATED TAMPINES CAT APPEAL, indicating your name, donation amount and transaction number for our documentation.

Please help if you can – and please spread the word. Thank you very much.

Love Kuching Project has pledged to foster two of these cats in order to nurse them back to health. At the moment they are housed together in one fosterer’s home because this matter has escalated to the police, AVA, SPCA and the press and therefore the cats still need to be in one place. They are also awaiting more vet visits. Once the cats can be released into alternative foster homes we will be taking on the care of two of these cats. We will update on the cats once they come to our Love Kuching foster home. In the meanwhile, do spread the word so that Cat Welfare Society folks can assure these cats the best veterinary care and hopefully their survival.

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