For all this time, Andy and I have been paying for our Love Kuching related transport on our own, so it never gets recorded in our Love Kuching accounts. Sometimes Andy and I are so poor that we don’t have enough to travel to run errands for our Love Kuching fosters, bring them to vet, go to recce stray cat colonies for TNRM. Like today, when I wanted to go and find low-sodium canned tuna for Helga to boost her appetite, and stock up on more pee pads but didn’t have the money to go to Marketplace (where they have a wider selection of canned tuna including the low-sodium varieties) and to Daiso to stock up on our depleting amount of pee-pads. So we solved the problem by creating a transport partition fund for Love Kuching.

Well, most of the funds that pad the transport partition fund will still come from Andy and me. But creating this partition fund means that we can now record our transport expenses in the line of Love Kuching work. Also, it means that we can appropriate part of our general funds to transporting humans – i.e. ourselves when we do our Love Kuching work.

Expenses on transport will go into into the 30% of the maximum allowed for charity expenses on administrative and operative expenses. We are currently at 3% only for this ratio so we still are well below the limit for appropriating funds that are indirectly towards the animals.

We hope you support our idea for allowing human transport as an expense from our Love Kuching funds.

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