uber cat-angel Catherine

Catherine, our sponsor for Malay Village TNRM, who also contributed funds to our veterinary fund for Helga, brought over loads of gifts for Love Kuching cats yesterday!

Catherine works in a hospital, so she could buy hospital-use ‘blue sheets’ that is used in hospital beds for us to use as peepads for lining pens and carriers. Shown here are 30 pieces. She says she wants to bring us more!

She managed to locate also the supplier for Lysinium Max, the vitamin syrup we give to convalescing animals to increase their appetite and boost their immunity. Lysinium Max is not citrus flavoured and is only available at the vet or through human doctors for children.

Catherine’s hubby works in the pet care industry – House of Chinchilla – and when I shared with her that we were having a pine litter crisis because the supplier of Rrao pine that we buy from The Water Dish was delaying shipment to SG. She immediately called a friend in the pet care industry and 6 bags of 15kg Tom & Pus Pine was delivered to our doorstep that night.

We feel so blessed! Donations-in-kind bring our boarding expenses down and thus provide more mileage for your donated funds. We deeply thank Catherine for her generosity.

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