weaning progress of Panda and Panther

It seems that the P brothers are not responding well to food and milk in a dish, and it saddens us to see them less tubby than before when they were fully on the bottle. So we are going to change tack with their weaning.

Since Panther is more able to learn to eat on his own, I have placed moistened kibbles only (so that they can learn the tactile feel of food, and lick without getting much moisture on their noses thus get wary of the dish), and moistened kibbles remain fresh for longer, which means that they can take their own slower time to learn to feel, lick and taste the food. We will be bringing back the bottle more often throughout the day, at 6-8 hour intervals instead of only twice a day so they can regain their chubbiness. And as per our practice, adding vitamins to their milk feedings.

In the meantime, here is a video of Panther scurrying around our kitchen. He is not as great a scurrier as Panda but Panda was being fed at the time this video was taken, so here is Panther meowing and walking-about in our kitchen!

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