Cassie has come a long way. From being the skinny, needy little kitten she was when we found her –

Rescued from Bendemeer Road construction site

– to becoming a more emotionally confident girl that is no longer under-nourished and underweight. After she arrived at our foster home, we set to putting her on good nutrition and supplements. We de-wormed her and she then suffered a bout of serious diarrhoea. She was put on Bactrim antibiotics twice a day for five days and loperadamide medication, and is now pooing normally.

She also suffered from separation anxiety, being away from her mom and having gone through the deaths of all her siblings on the streets. She started to get wary of humans and missing her mom, acting out by hissing at us. But we saw that deep down she was a cat that wanted to be loved. We started to cuddle her and she found that she enjoyed every moment. Now she is a much calmer cat and definitely en route to becoming a lap-cat.

She enjoys cuddles and being a lap cat

She is really pretty, with pink nose leather, lovely tricolouring and a short bob-tail; her eyes are olive green.

When she first arrived, still very skinny

She is like Dusky in nature – reserved, loves watching the world go by, but she is more eloquent in showing her emotions than Dusky who meows very quietly and rarely. Cassie however is not a hyperactive kitten, usually prefers lounging and cuddling to climbing and running.

Sometimes just looking into her eyes makes us feel that deep down she was just a lonely, misunderstood girl who is looking for cuddles and affirmation –

Dreamy-eyed, lounging Cassie

Her favourite food is Solid Gold Indigo Moon kibbles – she really loves it, and she drinks adequate water to go along with it, sometimes also tucking into the free flow of canned food we place in the kittens’ pen, which is added with probiotics to help her previously sensitive digestive system.

She enjoys lounging around, or cuddling up to other kittens, especially Panda

Cassie with Panda snuggled into her

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