Adopt – Kitty and Belle

A blog reader, Philemon, wrote to us about the stories of Kitty and Belle, two rescued kitties in need of a new home.

Belle is an abandoned calico cat, now 7 months old. She was dumped in the void deck of a block in Tampines St 22 when she was a kitten at 4 months old, and was then sterilised when she was 6 months old. Unfortunately, Belle suffered a leg injury that got infected, and had to receive veterinary attention and foster care, which Philemon and a friendly neighbour have been providing. Her wound has since healed, but Belle would have problems adjusting to being a stray cat again, seeing as she was formally a house kitten that was abandoned, and now with the trauma of a previous leg injury.

Belle is an affectionate cat who loves humans, and would make a great pet cat. She is currently being boarded at Philemon’s neighbour’s house and her wound has healed. Belle is in need of a good home. To arrange a visit to adopt Belle, contact Philemon at 90223363.

Kitty is an adorable 5 week old kitten that was found orphaned and alone when she was 4 weeks old at a void deck also in Tampines St 22. She is a healthy and playful bicoloured white with red tabby female kitten –

Kitty is currently being fostered together with Belle. To adopt Kitty, contact Philemon directly at 90223363.

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  • hai thanks 4letting my family n me 2adopt kitty.yet 2rename honour 2know someone as kind as u 2eards the kittens n 4the effort.

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