Panda (front) when he was 1 day old
Panda at 4 weeks old

Panda baby has had a long journey with us. He came to us rescued by Meng and Rina from Geylang Lor 3 when he was one day old with his brother Panther. Now he is 5 weeks old. He has gone through 2-hourly bottle feedings at the start, and is now fully weaned and litter trained.

Panda was smaller and weaker than his brother, and probably would not have survived if he remained a stray kitten. His leather areas behind his hind-legs kept getting abrasions, and one of his abrasions became an abscess when he was 4 weeks old. He also started getting diarrhoea. He was put on antibiotics and medication, and his abscess and diarrhoea have healed. He then went through a bout of constipation – we put him on antacids, and he is now pooing nicely. He still remains small in size, so his daily feedings have been fortified with supplements – colostrum, acidophilus, lysine and vitamins.

Panda at 5 weeks old

Panda is a really sweet boy who purrs when we cuddle him, and he is really easy-going, getting along well with every cat he meets, and he loves to explore. He is bicoloured white with black in cap-and-saddle pattern with a mid-length tail.

Panda will need a special owner who is willing to care for a young kitten that is generally weaker than most. To visit and adopt Panda, do see the right side bar for contact details and adoption information.

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