Panther baby is ready for adoption! For the past week, he has been totally weaned off the bottle, eating lots on his own, and learned to use the litter box well. It’s been a long journey for him and his brother Panda (who is still ill and thus not ready for adoption yet) from the day he was just one day old, to the boisterous little kitten he is today – the brothers turn 5 weeks old today exactly. Now, he has learned to play with older kittens and cats, and loves to climb, walkabout and explore –

Look how much he has grown! From the day he arrived with his brother Panda –

Rescued from a paper bag by Meng & Rina

Cuddling and kneading while being bottle fed

Now, he is a kitten that cannot sit still! – but we got some pics of him –

Chubby Panther

His lovely bluish-black fur

Panther has been dewormed, and is now on a diet of Natural Balance canned food and moistened Solid Gold Indigo Moon kibbles. He hasn’t learned how to drink water on his own yet, so he will need to be on a free-choice canned food and moistened kibble diet. He is healthy, loves attention from cats and humans alike, confident, talkative and playful.

Panther’s colouring is bluish-black, he has a mid-length tail with a cute kink, has no white spots, and his fur is thick.

Contact us to arrange a visit for adoption – more details on adoption on the right side bar.

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