ASPCA Complete Cat Care Manual by Dr Andrew Etney

If you only have space for one cat care book in your library, this book is it.

We bought ours at Borders, and it costs less than $30. It is a comprehensive guide in so many ways – detailed information with pictures on feline diseases, even the rare ones. First aid protocols when dealing with emergencies, like how to perform CPR, how to lay the cat in recovery position, how to take its pulse. It is also chockful of humane advice, like how one should never purchase a cat from a pet shop, but instead adopt from a shelter or through friends, or buy from a reputed, humane pedigree breeder. Or that in the light of the cat overpopulation epidemic, breeding your cat is very much discouraged. It has great step-by-step advice on how to integrate a new cat into your household, how to train your cat, and the different personality types cats fall into.

A great find, a great buy. A definite must-have cat care reference in your library.

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