Bendemeer Rd construction site TNRM – Round 1 – return – relocate – bill

The first 9 cats trapped for neutering at the Bendemeer Rd construction site returnd from neutering and rehabilitation today. We relocated and released the cats this afternoon at 3pm at Blk 56 Kallang Bahru.

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We chose a spot which was a mini-garden, far away from roads and passers-by, and the feeders stationed themselves there, with food and stayed till even after we and Damy left, so they can clear up any uneaten food and bowls. Very responsible feeders!

We chose the mini-garden also because there are plenty of bushes under which the cats can hide and survey their new territory before responding to the feeders. The feeders will return tomorrow as well to the same spot to check on the cats.

We also passed the feeders the letter that states that Jalan Besar Town Council does not cull sterilised tipped-ear cats –

Here is the vet bill for the 9 cats’ sterilisation surgeries –

and the bill that includes also the trapping, cat-taxiing and boarding pre- and post-surgery

A big thank you to all donors who contributed towards the Bendemeer Rd construction site cats!

The second round of neutering for the remaining mature cats at the construction site will take place on 10 Aug Tues 8pm together with the feeders.

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