Cassie – now rehabilitating

This little tricoloured girl was rescued last night from the Bendemeer construction site when we conducted the second round of trapping-for-neutering of the stray cat colony there.

There are still other kittens around her age – 8 weeks old – there, but they are very feral; Cassie is the only tame one that we could rescue, apart from Phoenix (who is going to her new home this weekend if all goes well).

Cassie had 3 other siblings who died early on. When we saw her during our initial recce there, it was not her sibling that we saw her hanging out with, but her mother. Her mother is one of the 11 cats we trapped for neutering last night.

Cassie is very skinny, even skinnier than Phoenix when we first rescued her. She is very tame, and healthy albeit undernourished and dehydrated.  She is still very shy, but is not aggressive towards her pen-mates. She submitted to her showering last night readily (no fleas!), and enjoys being held even though she is still shy towards us all.

To relieve her stress, I popped some Rescue Remedy into her mouth. And to boost her appetite, some Lysinium Max. When coaxed, she eats the Natural Balance canned food with moistened Solid Gold Indigo Moon kibbles, but very little. Beefing her up will take a while. She doesn’t yet take to dry food on its own, which is just as well since she needs the moisture.

Will be monitoring Cassie’s progress as the days go by, hope the little girl cheers up and eats more soon!

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