Dusky – rescued from a rubbish chute in Sims Drive

This is Dusky, an 8 week old tabby female kitten who just arrived at our foster home.

Dusky and her siblings were born in a drain, and her siblings have been washed away and drowned by the recent rain. The cat-feeder, an elderly uncle, tried to rescue them from being washed away in the rain, but the rain was too heavy and he had to watch them go in the rushing water. Dusky was the only one he could save, and she was staying inside the rubbish dumping area until volunteer Liyin brought her to us tonight.

Liyin and the cat-feeder uncle will be sterilising the stray cats in that area – which has had a high incidence of cat dumping recently because many households have moved out, leaving pet cats behind as strays. 

Dusky is healthy and very tame. She has already started to get along with the other kittens in the pen. We will be deworming her tomorrow and will write more about her when we get to know her and socialise her – then she will be ready to go to a new home!

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