if something happens to us…

Andy and I have discussed before that if anything were to happen to us as a couple, Andy would take Scooter, Sayang and Slinky stay with me. Sounds like a solemn and sensitive topic to discuss, no?

But we as pet owners do have to think and plan about such things. If you have acquired a pet as part of a couple, have a talk with your other half about whose home the pet will be at if the unfortunate happens. This is to ensure the welfare of your pet. Break ups are hard for everyone, even your pets.

Pet cats now live for an average of 14-17 years, so it is fairly possible that your cat may outlive a relationship given the sociology of our current times. 

If there is a break up, your pet will go through an emotional phase of missing your ex as much as you do, so you will have to think about your pet’s emotional health as well – spend more time with it, allow visits if the parting was amicable.

It is better to broach a sensitive topic like this when all is well in a family or relationship, then to deal with when it happens if it does. If your relationship is secure enough, talking about what happens to the pets if there is a break up will not damage your relationship, but strengthen it further. Remember, your pets are family too!

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