Meowy – rescued by @saylinsays’s sister’s friend

Update 4 Aug: Meowy has passed the litter training test. She is now on a diet of moistened kibbles with canned food as she is unable to eat dry food on its own for now. She is available for adoption! However, we have already received a few calls to visit Meowy to adopt her. If the prospective adopters do not pass our screening, Meowy will be made available for adoption on our Adoption Alert (see right sidebar).

Meowy is a mackeral tabby girl with a medium length tail, two white hind-leg ankle socks, about 5 weeks of age, found drenched in the rain in Yishun. She was fostered by her rescuer for a couple of days and now she is in our Love Kuching foster home.

Meowy is a happy, easy-going kitten who loves her toys and blanket, and takes to our Natural Balance canned food easily. She is also healthy – no fleas, no flu’- and is being given vitamins+lysine to boost her immunity because her pen-mate Phoenix is a little sick. Also, being 5 weeks of age puts her in the danger zone because she is no longer on mother’s milk and therefore antibodies.

She has yet to use the litter tray so we don’t know yet if she knows how, will check on her so that she is toilet-trained and ready for a new home soon. We will also be deworming her tomorrow.

Meowy will be ready for adoption once she passes her litter-training test and is dewormed.

In the meantime, pictures!

She loves her blanket…
… and her toy
Enroute to Love Kuching with her belongings
SayLin with Meowy, who brought Meowy to us
SayLin’s sister, Meowy’s rescuer’s friend
Meowy’s rescuer

Meowy eating canned food in our kitten pen

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