Moby was adopted last night!

By Kylicia from Yishun. She lives on her own and her family used to have 2 cats when she was growing up. Before she arrived to visit, upon our instruction she meshed the window grilles of the place she is currently living at in Yishun, and discussed the adoption at length with her room-mate. They agreed, and shared this with us, that when either of them moves out Kylicia will be taking the cat with her. Kylicia’s family is also aware of her adoption of a cat, so if she does move back to stay with her family, they already know they will be having a kitty member of the family along too!

After having a long chat with Kylicia, we realised that Moby was also beginning to fall in love with Kylicia, submitting himself to cuddles from her and seriously taking his place on her lap. He went home with her last night. We will miss him! And are happy for Kylicia and Moby!

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  • Moby is not used to his new house. However we'll be giving him time to get used first. Haha! Thanks you for allowing us to take care and love Moby! (:

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